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Two Many Cooks and How it all started

For those of you that don’t know, Two Many Cooks was started by my mother, Joanna, over 27 years ago. It began with a sandwich round in Dorking, to a lot of lucky hungry office workers who had been deprived of good homemade sandwiches and tempting cakes and biscuits. Mum delivered such delicious sandwiches and sweet treats that this soon led on to a plate of canapés and from there, a wedding, a christening and a funeral was booked after the client tried this tiny plate of smoked salmon pinwheels and stuffed tomatoes (never to be seen on any current menus!).


Many of her friends became the regular cooks, and I spent my childhood watching these wonderful ladies preparing all sorts of goodies. Even getting me to do all the little fiddly jobs with my then tiny fingers, don’t ask me how many cherry tomatoes I hollowed out or how many filo cups I pushed in to the silly little cases. This however didn’t deter me and after a stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School, running a few chalets, catering for private jets, high end events in the big smoke and travelling with a Formula 1 team, I ended up back at TMC towers for one summer…and 10 years on I’m still here! Starting in the kitchen as a full time chef, brimming with enthusiasm we pushed the company, taking on more weddings and parties than ever before, growing and evolving menus and recipes with the ever changing world of catering. I have now been booted out of the kitchen, as writing menus, meeting with clients and site visits doesn’t make for a very reliable member of the wonderful team we now have in the kitchen who make everything for the parties as well as all the food for the shops each morning.

Two Many Cooks


Whilst our first love and passion are the parties and the weddings, out of a desire to feed people (it’s hard to stay trim in this family) and seeing a happy customer we decided to open a coffee shop in Dorking, selling all our cakes, now legendry sausage rolls and scotch eggs, savoury deep tarts and of course sandwiches. We’re fortunate enough to have coffee from the superb Coffee Real www.coffeereal.co.uk and breads from the proper Chalk Hills Bakery www.chalkhillsbakery.com allowing us to serve food we’re proud of. We never realised it would be quite so popular, so with the weddings around the country, the B&B (yes, mum also runs this from her home www.brockhambandb.com ) and the second shop in Reigate we’re pretty busy but love it. If you’ve not been in to either of our shops yet, here’s a little peek https://vimeo.com/120455009.

Every day is a new challenge, a new menu and a new client. No day is ever the same and I feel so lucky to be able to say I’m so proud of what we achieve as a team and most importantly that I love my job. Mum and I still work alongside every client to ensure the look, taste and feel of everything is as it should be. One of the main things we are adamant about is that we only produce food we love, would want to be served and eat ourselves and we hope is conveyed to some extent in our website.

If you would like to meet the rest of the team then carry on scrolling as it is our wonderful team that make it all happen.


You will find Steve dashing between our coffee shops delivering our fresh produce or if you are a client in your garage! Steve is a dab hand at graphic design and surprises us all with his kind and funny birthday cards he likes to make. He likes to cook and recently cooked for a lot of people for a charity dinner. He likes a sausage roll.

Two Many Cooks Head Chef Remi  Office Manager Two Many Cooks  Erica Two Many Cooks Staff Coordinater
Remi                                            Gail                                                Erica

Remi is our Headchef and the strategist behind the running of the kitchen and the execution of our food from imagination to plate. He often smells of onions and happens to be French. He trained in The Ivy and doesn’t like cheese that much.

Gail works in the office and just so happens to know everything you could want to know about TMC and the daily running of it. She is very good at solving any kind of problem, is very caring and laughs a lot…but do not get on the wrong side of her 😉

Erica works at TMC Towers as an Event Staff Co-ordinator she wears a different colour lipstick every day. She’s extremely thoughtful and has a skill for buying people the best birthday pressies! She knows every single waitress and waiter and has a great memory for past jobs.

Gillian Two Many Cooks Kitchen Logistics Pastry Chef Two Many Cooks Lorraine
Gillian                                          Sue                                              Lorraine

Gillian is a Chef and likes to be organised and makes lists for the kitchen. She has worked for Two Many Cooks for 11 years which means she has worked for us the longest! She likes to chat, a LOT.

Sue is our pastry chef and like Gillian has worked for over a decade for us. She is very pragmatic and works very calmly under pressure. You will often find her keeping everyone right behind the scenes on big weddings and events.

Lorraine is one of our bakers and has a fastidious hand. She has an eye for detail and enjoys decorating big cakes. She often creates her own biscuits which are tested in the office around tea time! She also makes the best Banana Loaf.

Chef Mark Two Many Cooks Dave Two Many Cooks 
Mark                                            Dave                                           Clare

Mark is one of our part time Chefs, you’ll find him working hard in the kitchen or grooving away in someone else’s kitchen. He’s a cheeky chap and makes great Scotch Eggs amongst everything else.

Dave helps with the loading, unloading logistics of our Two Many Cooks vans. He also makes sure that we bring along the correct equipment for our catering events.

Clare works in the office more than she works on managing events now that she is nearing her due date. She loves everything about TMC especially the people and the food…of course.


Phillip  Emily owner of Two Many Cooks Catering Company
Phillip                                          Paul                                             Emily

Phillip works in our Brockham kitchen making sure that our Chefs and Bakers have everything they need for cooking and baking. He also helps look after the 3 Border Terriers and Labrador.

Paul is Joanna’s husband and is very useful around TMC Towers, he also helps with the B&B, he won’t let anyone make his tea and likes a slice of cake.

Emily, daughter of Joanna and co-owner of Two Many Cooks. Emily is a perfectionist and oversees EVERYTHING! Her eye for detail is second to none and she will not settle for anything other than the Best. She absolutely loves what she does and it shows.

Joanna, founder and co-owner of Two Many Cooks thrives on the day to day running of Two Many Cooks while also running a 5 star B&B. Joanna has an insight that only someone who has been dealing with clients and customers can have after 30 years in the industry.

We have so many wonderful Waitresses and Waiters that work tiredlessley at our weddings and big events and always with a smile.
And then there’s our Coffee Shop Staff who you can meet for yourself!

Come and say Hi.

Two Many Cooks

Our Coffee Shops Dorking: 01306 88 22 00, Reigate: 01737 244 277

Wedding Enquiries Call the office on 01737 841 624

Party Enquiries Call the office on 01737 841 624

Two Many Cooks



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