Why we use Coffee Real

Two Many Cooks and Coffee Real

Coffee Real have been making their coffee since 2008 and we are lucky enough to sell it in our coffee shops.

Coffee Real make the perfect all round sweet and complex cuppa working with coffee farmers all over the world. This takes time, care and continual investment into new technologies but they do it!



“We may be a relatively young company but we learnt pretty early on that you can’t sit back in the UK and expect that special kind of quality to arrive at your door – it just doesn’t happen – if you’re serious about coffee you have to put in the time and effort – hunt out the right farmers and really understand the coffee they produce – you need to get under its skin (so to speak) – and the only way you can do that is to go to the origin and build mutually beneficial relationships with the families that grow the stuff…”


Some of the coffee we serve and sell in our shops taste like this!……..

A buoyant floral and sweetly spicy cup – rounded and balanced by vanilla and complex floral notes with a lightly syrupy mouthfeel.

Ethiopia Djimmah
Wild chocolate notes, malty caramel sweetness and spicy/peppery aftertaste

Gone for Lunch
Good body and a rich fruity base with some sweet nuttiness and almond (marzipan) – balanced out by a fruity acidity. Lovely rounded lush finish.

This is a wonderful espresso for a wonderful cause. A very rich buttery espresso with some sweet pleasing acidity, notes of cocoa and a juicy berry finish. Great straight or with milk.

Creamy and smooth with a little bright acidity and a lovely good depth, body and crema. Takes milk well, some in the camp say very well.

Salvation decaf
Mellow roundedness with bright fruit notes and a medium-ish finish – with a crema that holds up surprisingly well for a full decaf. Great with milk.


We love our coffee, come in and try it!

With thanks to Coffee Real for all the information and for the photos taken from their website. www.coffeereal.co.uk and of course for supplying us with the best coffee EVER!

Visit our coffee shops in Dorking and Reigate for Breakfast and Lunch with a cup of coffee on the side.

Kokoh Chocolate in our Shops!

Kokoh Chocolate

The most delicious handmade chocolate ever.
Take a little bit and melt it on your tongue for a moment of sheer happiness.


It’s not every day you meet a local artisan Chocolatier who supplies The Berry Bros with chocolate (a bespoke after-dinner chocolate to enhance their port).

Jo works hard from her small chocolate workshop/kitchen in Beare Green where she cleverly and lovingly makes these sublime chocolate bars and chocolates.

Another delightful fact about these chocolate bars are that the milk chocolate cacao percentage is 43% as a minimum. The flavours come from natural oils not anything artificial.

kokoh-chocolate-bars kokoh-chocolates_christmas

Two Many Cooks Dorking Shop stocks:

Ginger – the most amazing burst of warm ginger explodes in your mouth.
Raspberry & Toasted Almond – with tasty real raspberries (freeze dried).
Himalayan Pink Salt Milk – too good, very, very naughty.
Wattleseed & Hazelnut – a smooth start with a surprising gentle crunch at the end from the caramelized nuts and cheery wattleseeds.
Sicilian Orange – dark – a gentle more sophisticated take on chocolate with orange.
Himalayan Pink Salt with a salt crust – Yes – a salt crust – need we say more – Unforgettable – Amazing – Delicious – Mouthwatering – add your own adjective here once you have tried it.

Two Many Cooks in Reigate has all the above with 2 more:

Venezuelan – milk – smooth, creamy and very easy to scoff.
Pink Salt with Toasted Almond – dark – satisfiying with a delicate nutty mouthful.

So remember break off a small amount and put it on the middle of your tongue and let it melt, this way you will optimise you experience with Kokoh.

Find our shops here.


We also stock the little bags of chocolate truffles. Our Christmas Hampers will have bundles of the bars and our Ultimate Hamper will include a gift box of choccies and bars …..and some truffles. Find out more here

If you would like to pre-order one of our Hampers then email hello@twomanycooks.com


Supper club dates for Dorking and Reigate!

Two Many Cooks Supper Club dates for Autumn and Winter 2016. Hosted in our lovely shops:

Dorking location No 32 South Street, RH4 2HQ

Reigate location 53A Lesbourne Road, RH2 7JX

Reigate Supper Club

Dorking Supper Club Menu

Friday 11th & Saturday 12th March

Please do make sure to book early – give the lovely Annie a call on 01737 244 277 to put your deposit down to secure your place! We will let you know very soon what the special seasonal menus are.

Reigate Supper Club Tickets are £30 per head which will include: a pre dinner drink, a delicious starter, a substantial main course and a gorgeous dessert and then you have a hot after-dinner drink.


Dorking Supper Club



We will let you know… Watch this space!

Please do make sure to book early – give the lovely Molly a call on 01306 882200 to put your deposit down to secure your place! We will let you know very soon what the special seasonal menus are.

Dorking Supper Club Tickets are £30 per head which includes: a pre dinner drink, a delicious starter, a substantial main course and a gorgeous dessert and then you have a hot after dinner drink.


One Night Only!

This Friday we’re doing a fabulous Supper Club at the Dorking shop for one night only.  Bookings are already being taken so hurry if you’d like a spot.  Take a look at the menu below, where we’re serving a simple summer feast with handmade Gnocchi, lamb from our favourites at Sondes Place and a scrumptious pudd to make anyone’s mouth water.


  Supper Club Menu

Friday 21st August

“Pimm’s stinger”

with wild nettle fizz

Ricotta Gnocchi, garlic, sage and pecorino

Roast lamb, summer beetroot and carrots, cavolo nero, olive & mint sauce

Apricot and Chocolate tart

Mint tea or Coffee Real

£25.00 per head

As per our usual supper club rules, please email dorking@twomanycooks.com to book at table or phone 01306 882200.

Most of you will be aware that we normally  hold two supper clubs in a row,  on a Friday and Saturday night, however this week one of our lovely regulars is hosting her birthday party in the shop so our little ‘One Night Only’  plan has been hatched.

If you like the sound of having our fab little shop for your party, please do get in touch and we can organise your very own private supper club.

Enjoy xx

Dorking Supper Club

The menu for the next Dorking Supper Club is here!  We’re thrilled, and feeling rather hungry looking at it, to present the below menu.  As normal you need to book and do it quickly as places are running out again.  So if you missed out last time you’d better ring the lovely troops in the shop.

If you’ve not been before and this is your first experience of one of our supper clubs, you’ll learn the ropes pretty quickly.  Once you’ve booked you’ll be able to enjoy an evening in our little shop on South Street, Dorking, with mouthwatering food prepared by none other than our wonderful Manager Tom, served by a couple of our simply gorgeous girls and plied with wine supplied by the chaps and chapesses at The Vineyard, just up the road.

Where possible we use local and seasonal products from around these plush green lands – except when a certain person happens to fall over to Italy, goes on a wine tasting and eats a lot of ham and might come back with a whole leg in her bag but that’s a story for a blog post another time when I have come to terms with the fact that I don’t look good in a shower cap in a factory full of meat.

The menu is below along with the booking details and I hope to see you all there!  If for some horrible reason you miss out, do keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more info or simply if you’re interested in seeing lots of pics of the food we produce, not only in the shops but at some of our parties, weddings and everything in between.  Enjoy.


Dining at  TMC

Friday 20th & Saturday 21th November

7pm at Two Many Cooks on South Street, Dorking

Prosecco on Arrival

 Handmade Pasta with Pumpkin, Parmesan & Walnuts

Slow roasted Sussex Pork, Borlotti Beans,

Cavolo Nero & Truffle mustard dressing

Bitter Chocolate, Hazelnut & Pear Cake with Creme Fraiche

Coffee Real or Fresh Mint Tea

£30 per person

Limited Availability

To book please contact:


call us on 01306 882200

or pop in

Do you know we can plan and co-ordinate your entire wedding/party! Click here for more information
Two Many Cooks