Funeral Catering

Light bites, tailor-made to your requirements

Having cared for the catering needs of many clients dealing with the highly difficult loss of a loved one, Two Many Cooks are a sensitive and discreet funeral caterer.

Fine food for a fine farewell

Our experience will enable you to feel reassured that everything concerned with catering will be taken care of.

Perhaps you may like us to incorporate flavours or ingredients which hold a special significance.

Or if you would prefer to be guided by us as to which foods tend to work best, we can manage each element for you.

Fresh flowers to add extra beauty

Your Questions Answered

We know that it is difficult to pick up the phone and enquire about catering for a funeral. To make this process a little easier, we have put together a few questions which may be on your mind.

We appreciate that every funeral is different, so we have answered these as well as we can. Our care for your needs will be felt every step of the way, as we tailor everything to you and your family.

Carefully constructed canapes, served with equal care

What time will you arrive to cater for the funeral?
We normally need to arrive an hour prior to when we need to serve.

Will you be able to gain access to the church hall while the service is going on?
If the church hall is locked then we will need someone to leave us the key to gain access or be given the key code prior to arriving.

What will you need from the church hall?
We will need access to the kitchen and the church hall will normally have tables for us to serve cold and hot drinks from. We take everything else with us, this includes an urn or two, cafetieres, teapots, tea cups and saucers, silver tea spoons, champagne glasses, wine glasses, soft drink glasses, serving plates and napkins for as many people as needed…not forgetting the food.

Gorgeously presented meringues as a sweet option

How will the serving work?

We will first serve drinks – this normally includes wine and a soft drink alongside tea and coffee. Our team will ensure everyone is kept topped up and looked after.

While your guests are having a drink and a chat, our team will go around with platters of food.

Can you provide the drinks, including Champagne?
Yes, we can suggest and take along soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. You may need only pay for the drinks which are consumed. Alternatively, you can provide the alcohol and we will serve it for you.

How long do you normally stay for?
Our staff will stay for around 4 hours.

Once food has been served and your guests start leaving, we will pack up and take everything with us, leaving no trace.

We’re Here to Help…

If you are ready to discuss catering for a funeral, please give us a call, so that we can help.

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