Starry-Eyed Delights

All photography by Emma Jones

Perrier-Jouët Champagne, clinked in stunning hand-painted flutes, to set the tone at Amanda Wakeley’s Autumn/Winter event, where we provided the party food


Beef Carpaccio with Watercress cream and Parmesan Croute micro watercress, adorned with seasonal blooms

Two Many Cooks delight in crafting party food which is beautiful to behold, and even finer to taste!

Sesame Tuna with wasabi and pickled cucumber

This week, we were called upon to create delectable canapes for British fashion icon, Amanda Wakeley. Whether we are catering for high profile events, weddings or at-home celebrations, Two Many Cooks has an instinct for providing food which mirrors the desired mood and thrills your particular guests.


Manicured guests at the Wakeley party make delicate pinches for our canapes!

For Amanda Wakeley’s evening, we felt that immaculate presentation, sophisticated flavours and light yet satisfying canapes would work perfectly.

Of course, these were to be served by our experienced staff, who find the way to be discreet yet irresistibly friendly!


Our fabulous staff are styled according to the event in question, here wearing crisp white shirts for Wakeley’s launch. Smiles are the ever-present accessory!

The menu Two Many Cooks fashioned for the stylish celebration was as follows:

Miso and soy cured salmon with lime and cucumber

Beef Carpaccio with Watercress cream and Parmesan Croute micro watercress

Seeded Nutter, lemon houmous and charred courgette, lemon zest

Spiced Cauliflower Bang Bang with Filo Cup and Satay Sauce, spring onion and micro coriander

Sesame Tuna with wasabi and pickled cucumber

Cherry Tomato Tarte Tain with basil basil and micro basil


Guests love to savour our canape creations!


Amanda Wakeley’s flagship boutique in London, where we served canapes to her guests

Amanda Wakeley styles Angelina Jolie and Helen Mirren. She has just unveiled her new Autumn/Winter collection, ‘Midnight Moth.’ For a special ‘behind-the-brand’ event presented by Conde Nast Traveller, Wakeley’s dazzling designs were presented at her flagship London boutique.


Amanda Wakeley, self-styled in impeccable fashion, adding a touch of bling to an oversized sweater with gold jewellery


Contrasting colours and vivid prints to revive us in the cooler months

“I’m always travelling and absorbing people, places, cultures, nature and architecture,” Amanda explains. “Travel is my biggest source of inspiration, plus it gives me the space to think. Earlier this year, I visited Beirut for the first time and found the mix of ancient and modern exquisite, and the live-for-today spirit totally intoxicating.”


Sharp tailoring framing fluid lines are a couple of Wakeley’s signature elements


Casual knitwear tones down an ornate skirt

The fashion gurus at Conde Nast Traveller describe Amanda Wakeley’s ‘Midnight Moth’ collection as: “filled with rich embroideries and embellishment, bold prints, textures, jewel-like colours and ashes of metallics, made for nocturnal creatures.”


Leopard print speaks to classic glamour

Amanda Wakeley adds: “I was influenced by New York in the 1970s and the golden age of Studio 54. It’s an eclectic fusion of bohemianism, rock’n’roll and disco.” Well, rock on, we say!


Gold glitter balls positioned the collection in Studio 54’s heyday


Ornate beading and mesmerising patterns distinguish Wakeley’s ‘Midnight Moth’ collection

It really was a (disco)ball catering for such a luxurious event! We relished adding indulgent offerings of our own, in the form of our coveted canapes.


Our canapes will be served to your guests on rustic wooden boards, complete with vibrant flowers, for eye-catching offerings

If you are planning an event, party, wedding or special celebration which requires food of the finest quality, created bespoke for you, do get in touch with Two Many Cooks!

We look forward to collaborating with you…

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