Two Many Cooks Winter Wedding Ceremony

For years I have had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of so many wonderful weddings.  The planning, the menus, the colours, the timings and the smooth running of the whole day.  Some might say I was a little bit like the invisible bridesmaid but on the 21st November 2015, it was my turn and I married Chris.

So when November arrived, just 5 months after the proposal we managed to turn things around pretty quickly.  I can imagine you’re all thinking that I knew exactly what I wanted but I can honestly say I didn’t have a clue.  My only thoughts were about having a Winter wedding (it’s the off season for a wedding planner/caterer!), getting married in a church and having a marquee in the garden at home.


Clare had done my makeup at a friends wedding a couple of years back and she totally nailed it when she came back with the email saying ‘ I know what you want, you want people to think: wow she looks hot but not sure what she’s done!’ and that was kind of true!  Clare also did the make up for my mother and 4 of the girls who were with me the morning of the wedding.


The dress.  Well, what can I say about the dress. I LOVED MY DRESS.  I was so incredibly lucky to have the team at Miss Bush  look after me.  It was my first port of call and I knew I didn’t need to look any further.  Apart from the fact that the dress shop is in an Old Chapel, which quite frankly is awesome, the whole team and experience was second to none.  I also got the feeling that as soon as I walked in they knew what dress would work for me but they humoured me a little to make me realise that what I thought might have worked, quite simply didn’t!  The dress was made for me by Suzanne Neville, with a custom jacket and huge bow and sash to finish me off.  I can’t tell you how much I loved it or this would be an incredibly long and boring post.


The shoes as you can see from the photo were from the legendery Jimmy Choo.  If I was going to be spending all this money on a pair of shoes I damn well wanted to be able to wear them again!  And I’m dead chuffed to say that I not only managed to wear them all night…well most of the night!  But they are also spotless and I will definitely be dancing in them again one day soon.


Rosie, the best Bridesmaid.


My mummy. Doesn’t she look amazing.  I think I might have loved her outfit just as much as my dress.  The colours were perfect for her, the day and the time of year.  We wanted to find something to match Mum’s personality, it had to be pretty, unique and WOW!  As it was Autumn, the shops were filled with the darker Autumnal colours that are neither suited to mum or myself.  I was slightly worried we would never find her anything but incredibly it was the second one she tried in the first shop we went in to.  Thank GOD!  We were on our way up to London but thought we would swing by Cobham to have a quick look in one shop, this is where we stayed and 2 dresses in we hit gold.  The girls in the shop at Suzanne on the High Street were brilliant and they even got the hat made for her to match the colours.


My favourite shot – we walked from the house to the church in near gale force winds, holding on to our hats and petticoats whilst trying to keep our heels out of the mud.


The boys!


Veil on and ready to step inside the church…

EC_0536 Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_Bride_Groom_alter Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_kiss

Dr & Mrs Jones!!

Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_happy_couple Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_Just_married_kiss



It was such a cold day the poor bridesmaids were freezing but they just looked so cute in their dresses.  All hand made by EKWilkinson Designs


The Diamond Boys were incredible!  As we came out of the church, they were there playing ‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’  before walking us through the confetti and back down the path to the marquee at South Lodge.  Damn it was cold, we marched the guests along the village green pretty quickly to get some warming alcohol inside their poor shivering bodies…

Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_Just_married_confetti Mr_Mrs_Jones_Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_Surrey Mr_Mrs_Jones_Two_Many_Cooks_Wedding_Surrey_Brockham_church

The marquee was supplied by the wonderful Inside Outside who worked tirelessly to erect the structure in the most awful weather, literally through a gale, whilst creating a village for the catering team, enclosing the loos and supplying the all important warmth  for a Winter Wedding!  More photos to follow of the party celebrations – keep your eyes peeled on our site or facebook, twitter or Instagram for the next post.

It really was the best day of our lives with so much love from our friends and family.


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