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An idea for your Wedding day meal is a Family Service

We are a wedding catering company in Surrey and we cater for all kinds of events and weddings in Surrey and the home counties. We can provide delicous food for all occasions ranging from a private dinner party for 12 in your home to planning and co-ordinating your wedding in Surrey for up to 200 guests.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best experience you’ll ever have.. right from the early stages of organising your wedding to the actual moment the food is placed infront of you.

We love a Wedding, who doesn’t and we will work with your ideas and come up with pleasing suggestions that are suited to your personality and taste.

One idea for a fun sit down Wedding meal for any amount of guests is a “Family Service”.


Family Service is where by a large piece of food like an entire Beef Wellington or a BBQ’d piece of lamb is presented to a chosen person on each table.

Chef hat and apron Two Many Cooks Wedding catering Family Service

This is a fun moment where the chosen carver will don a Chef hat and apron and have the responsibility to serve every one at his table.

Our waiters and waitresses will then come along with the scrumptious side dishes for your wedding guests to help themselves to.

BBQ Lamb for a Wedding Family Service 

Family service at your wedding is a really great way to get all your guests chatting to each other and is a novel way to serve your guests delicious home cooked food. (On the right is a sharing Mezze board.)

Dessert or pudding can go along the same theme with bowls of whipped cream, meringues and fruit for a make your own Eton Mess. We have lots of wedding catering ideas, do give us a call on 01737 841 624 to talk about your wedding day.

If you would like us to provide the wedding catering for your up-and-coming wedding we are taking bookings for 2017 and 2018 now!

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